Find your courage. Choose your adventure.

Help anxious youth worry less, succeed more, and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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1 in 5 Kids Struggle with Anxiety

Everyone has worries and fears. Most of the time, these things are only temporary. But 1 in 5 children battle with worries and fears that don’t go away and often prevent them from achieving their goals, succeeding in school, and making friends.

When these youth don't get the help they need, students often have more school absences and nurse visits, poorer grades and test scores, are more likely to be bullied, and are at a higher risk for other emotional and behavioral problems later in life. 

This is a major problem that we made our mission to fix.

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COMPASS for Courage is a tier-2 social and emotional learning program for elementary schools to help students struggling with anxiety, stress, or worry.

If you are interested in getting COMPASS for your district, school, or students, SIGN UP BELOW to be connected with a COMPASS team member.

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Created for Schools with Schools

COMPASS for Courage was developed in collaboration with researchers at Arizona State University and over 150 professionals in K-8 schools.

The result was an evidence-based intervention that is an effective, sustainable, and easy-to-use solution that supports anxious students AND fits seamlessly into schools. 

We don’t want COMPASS for Courage to be “just another thing” in your school or district; we want it to be the go-to program for helping your anxious students.

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Designed as a Tier-2 Curriculum

Not all students need help finding their courage.

That’s why COMPASS for Courage was designed as a Tier-2 social and emotional program for students that are experiencing worries and fears that are preventing them from succeeding academically or personally.

Plus, COMPASS for Courage was designed to supplement most Tier-1 school-wide programs or initiatives, such as Second Step, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, or the Good Behavior Game

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Who is COMPASS for Courage for?

Our program is suitable for districts and schools of any size and in any location that are already using social and emotional learning programs or providing mental health support services to 3rd to 6th grade students. 

COMPASS for Courage was designed to implemented by student support service staff, such as school counselors, social workers, school psychologists, and prevention specialists.

Why Choose COMPASS for Courage?



Based in research and backed by evidence, COMPASS for Courage helps K-8 schools to feel confident in using our program. Check out our research here.


Easy to Implement

COMPASS for Courage is only six lessons, 25 minutes each and require little prep time. Plus, COMPASS Leaders are trained using our online self-paced course that can be done in just a few hours.


Engaging and Useful

Each COMPASS for Courage lesson teaches students a skill using board games or role play activities and practice challenges. The skills they learn are useful in school, on the playground, and at home. 



Every school has different needs. That’s why the COMPASS for Courage program can be delivered in a small group or one-on-one. Plus, individual lessons can be repeated or even used on their own!  


Supports Families

Family and home-based materials extend lessons beyond the school to support families and promote practice of COMPASS skills outside of the classroom setting. 


Supports School Staff

Educators get the tools they need to identify and manage student anxiety in the classroom, so they spend less time managing behavior and more time teaching.

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COMPASS provides everything that elementary schools need to teach students struggling with anxiety, practical skills to manage their worries, discover their courage, and thrive in all that they do.

If you are interested in getting COMPASS for your district, school, or students, SIGN UP BELOW to be connected with a COMPASS team member.

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What does COMPASS for Courage teach?

Here are just a few of the things COMPASS for Courage students learn:


The "Worry" Language

How to change worry thoughts

How to Change Worry Thoughts


How to Face Stressful Situations


Relationship Building Skills

Getting Compass for Your School

If you are interested in getting COMPASS for your district, school, or students, SIGN UP BELOW to be connected with a COMPASS team member.

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Our Supporters

Our Mission

COMPASS for Courage was created in direct response to the lack of easy-to-use, sustainable, and fun programs to help kids manage their worries, find their courage, and thrive in everything that they do. Our mission is not only only help every anxious child and teen succeed, but to provide tools, strategies, and support to the individuals that are already changing their world: Educators, school staff, parents, and community leaders. 

COMPASS for Courage exists to help humanity thrive. Our mission is audaciously large and drives everything that we do. We care deeply about the results of our work, our customers, and our mission.

We don’t do this out of obligation, we do it from a sense of purpose.

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